Sunday, November 18, 2012

Magazine Article

For my magazine article I would like to write about Zumba, the new way to work out. Zumba has become very popular almost over night. Almost every gym you visit offers a zumba class. Also a lot of schools now offer it as a gym class to take for credit. It's a mix of dance and exercise. For my article I would explain why Zumba is good for people to take and how it can make someone more healthy. I would interview people that have taken zumba classes and see why they like it so much and figure out why it has been such a great sensation. Also I would like to interview a zumba instructor so I can get the insight of how to become a zumba trainer. I have written my quarry letter to Fitness magazine but I have not heard back. However my story is coming along. I am doing research on zumba and I have talked to a few people that I know that have taken zumba classes and really like it. I think the hardest part of this story will be to find a zumba instructor to talk to but I am hoping I can and if not my research and other interviews from people will still make it a good story.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pembroke Day

For my Pembroke Day story I wrote about three of the jewelry tables that were out there. There were a lot of tables out there with jewelry on them and they attract a lot of attention while at Pembroke day. It is good for their business because they can sale their products and get their name out there. The story I wrote focused on three stores; one being in Pembroke and the other two are in Lumberton. I spoke to the people that were working at the tables and got the business cards as well so I had more information. When I was writing my story I ended up looking at all the websites that I could and found out all the information I needed. I think I did pretty good on my story the only thing that I would have done different is I would have liked to get more quotes, possibly from the owners of the shops. However I think my story was good, I was able to talk about what each store sells. Event though they are all jewelry stores the jewelry that is made is different in all the stores and I think I really showed that in my story.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Carolina Civic Center

So for my video feature story this semester I have chosen to do a feature on the the Carolina Civic Center in Lumberton This is a theater that has been around since the 1920's and has recently been redone. I have teamed up with Samantha Langly in class and together we are covering the theater. She is going to focus on the history of the theater while I am going to talk about the renovations. We have already gone once to do some taping but the camera we had really was not that great and most of our footage was shaky however I did get one interview from a lady that was working in the art gallery that was being set up when we taped. She gave her opinion and thoughts on the Carolina Civic Center and I think I am going to use that interview in my actual showing. Sam and I are actually going back this Wednesday to get more footage and interview the director of the theater. I am hoping after that we will have enough to start editing our videos for presentation.

Interview for Professional Profile

So I have only met once with my professional profile, which is George Harrison, who is a public relations professor on campus. I want to do another interview with him because I actually have a lot more to ask him. However, for only meeting with him once I feel that I can already get a pretty good story. He is a very interesting man and I am trying to go beyond the fact that he is a professor and that is all. He actually loves the outdoors and has hiked part of the appalachian trail twice and wants to do it again. He is a family man and has worked many jobs. He learned about public relations in the army which I thought was interesting because he didn't have to go to college or school to learn the basics. I am looking forward to my next meeting with him and hopefully my professional profile will be really good and will make students interested in Harrison.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Classmate Profile

Last week I did my interview with Skylar Jones and I wrote my profile story on her over the weekend. On Wednesday of this week I got my paper back and I realized that I need to put more color in my story. However, that is the problem that I ran into when interviewing her. I chose to write about her internship over the summer and I am having difficulty with adding color and depth to the story. So I have my story back and I am going to try and do corrections and turn in back in on Monday. Since this was the first assignment of they year I am hoping that the writing will get easier and my stories will not be boring and I can find the color in the story quick.